Ashika Ranganath requests fans to report a phony page from hers

Online media is by all accounts causing a ton of issues for stars, particularly with the open nature that it has, it offers admittance to fakers and scoundrels to utilize names of VIPs to frequently get out vindictive word and plan. One such occurrence was seen today when entertainer Ashika Ranganath talked about how there was a phony page in her name, which had a few connects to heartless stories on others in showbiz, including Bigg Manager Kannada contenders. She mentioned her fans and supporters to not energize such phony pages and mentioned everybody to report the phony profile and guarantee such pages don’t exist.

Ashika took to her authority Facebook page to share a screen capture of the phony page and stated, “If it’s not too much trouble, report this page right away.. I have no clue about how individuals can utilize my name n depict such obtuse practices. I truly love n regard my fans however really these somewhat activities to acquire adherents or criticize somebody isn’t right! Lets have morals n regard one another.. furthermore, if any such pages discovered like this kindly carry it to my notification n report it! (sic)”

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