At the point when Dhananjaya talked about what attracts him to hidden world movies

Entertainer Dhananjaya is known by Sandalwood fans for his gutsy jobs in hidden world shows like Tagaru and Popcorn Monkey Tiger. He is before long going to be found in the Jayaraj biopic Headbush, which is being helmed bu Shoonya and is being composed by Agni Sreedhar. The entertainer has consistently conceded how he is drawn to the dull and dismal universe of the hidden world in books and movies. Little miracle then that individuals discover his exhibitions in films with hidden world topic as persuading. We had addressed the entertainer in front of the dispatch of Headbush, when he talked about his affection for hidden world substance. Today, we return to that meeting to return to how Dhananjaya had said how he was acquainted with the thought and working of the hidden world and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In that meeting with us, Dhananjaya had advised us, “At first, whatever I thought about the hidden world was from watching movies and understanding books. During my school days, I challenged races and was chosen general secretary. In those days, there were occurrences of rowdyism nearby and individuals would approach their hidden world associations with figure out altercations. Yet, those were one-off examples. I learnt more in the wake of playing Daali in Tagaru. In Popcorn Monkey Tiger as well, the hidden world is just a piece of the account. Notwithstanding, with the forthcoming Jayaraj biopic named Headbush, I will gain proficiency with significantly more about that world.” We are likewise amped up for this specific biopic, as the group backing it has the best and most bona fide stories to tell.

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