At the point when Shanvi Srivastava talked about the movies she gets a kick out of the chance to do

Shanvi Srivastava has gotten perhaps the most famous entertainers in Kannada entertainment world and has been accomplishing some intriguing work and the assumptions from her have expanded particularly after her job as Lakshmi in Avane Srimannarayana. She is at present occupied with various activities like Baang and Kasturi Mahal. She likewise has as of late made her introduction to Malayalam film,

Shanvi had spoken Bangalore Times before about her film venture and the sort of movies she needs to do. She said, “I went to the business when strange, captivating stories were being told on the screen and from that point forward, the development has just been supernatural. Film is an imaginative field all things considered and making one predictable business performer after the other won’t ensure a good outcome today. Watchers are astute and have simple admittance to first class film from around the world. The new age of movie producers have understood that and are pursuing making acceptable film – so we are as of now while in transit to getting to a higher level. In this manner, in the event that we continue bringing new stories with nouveau narrating procedures, as Avane…, there’ll be no halting us.”

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