Avitesh Shrivastava is good to go for Bollywood Presentation with ‘Sirf Ek Friday’, starts shooting on his birthday

‘This is the enchantment of destiny, it was intended to occur’, Avitesh Shrivastava tells us as he has a firm opinion, it’s his cherished dad, Aadesh Shrivastava who made him meet Mansi Bagla who offered him this job.

Avitesh’s presentation film ‘Sirf Ek Friday’ was as of late reported and he is as of now absorbing all the adoration that is coming his direction.

On his 25th birthday, Avitesh discusses his acting presentation, how he feels honored to shoot on his birthday and about his fantasy group. Avitesh said, “This is my greatest birthday present, ever appreciative to my Makers and my Chief for introducing this open door to me. What better than praising it on sets. I feel dreamlike and heart loaded up with appreciation for this open door life has given me and I’m kicked with regards to placing in my best foot forward for this one. It’s been all in all an excursion however at that point this is only the start and I’m completely prepared.”

The cast and group began shooting on a gigantic luxurious set for a dance succession. The youthful and lovely Entertainer Ishita Chauhan is scoring close by Avitesh in the tune. The whole group was available for the Muhurat shot. Post Get together, the group even observed Avitesh’s 25th birthday and the set was visited by industry well wishers like Shaan, Chief Vishal Furia, Sharad Kelkar, Mimoh Chakraborty, Namashi Chakraborty to give their great wishes to the group.

Avitesh additionally added that he trusts in paying attention to his heart generally and that made him in a split second accept ‘Sirf Ek Friday’ when Mansi portrayed the content to him. The entertainer said, “The story contacted this harmony profound inside and I right away realized I must be a piece of this task. It’s the sort of film that takes an entertainer through an individual excursion of self-investigation and that is so energizing for me. I can hardly wait for the film to finish and for you all to watch it. It is a difficult yet fascinating person and what more would an entertainer be able to request?”

Discussing the birthday kid, Mansi Bagla shared, “The second I met Avitesh, I realized he had it in him. I feel Avitesh will be the following darling kid, a rising star. He has the ideal creation of a symbol since he can sing like a rockstar and he has a remarkable screen presence. Concerning this job I accept it’s in a real sense composed for him. I have given him a fantasy chief Lloyd Bapista and I’m certain this entertainer chief couple will shake it.”

Discussing the undertaking, Deepak Mukut shared, “Avitesh has enormous ability and this account of Sirf Ek Friday brings that out perfectly. Beginning the shoot on Avitesh’s birthday isn’t only exceptional for him yet for us too. His dad was and will constantly be a legend in the business and we are certain that he is favoring us from a higher place. We are incredibly energized for this undertaking and what makes it fascinating is its special story and crisp projecting. We, collectively, are placing our best foot forward on this venture to guarantee a fruitful run, and we can guarantee that it would be a joy to look for the crowd.”

Avitesh further added, “I don’t figure I might have a preferable presentation over Sirf Ek Friday. It is a fantastic group, Lloyd Sir, Mahesh Sir, Mansi, Deepak Sir, Varun, this one will be immense; I can as of now sense it. We really want all your great wishes and love.”

‘Sirf Ek Friday’ is created by Deepak Mukut of Soham Rockstar Amusement Pvt. Ltd. also Mansi Bagla and Varun Bagla of Little Movies, co-delivered by Hunar Mukut.

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