Avoid Social media: NBK advices understudies

The Andhra Pradesh government’s choice to somewhat combine 5,900 essential and upper elementary schools with secondary schools in the state, has restless minutes among understudies and guardians. Answering this Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna said the YCP government is playing with the existences of understudies.’

Balakrishna circulated 30 LED TVs to an administration school in Kotnur town that falls under his Assembly body electorate. Talking on the event Balakrishna said,

“The state government choice to combine schools is an ill-conceived notion. Understudies are confronting numerous hardships since there could be no appropriate transportation. The streets in AP are in bad shape and the state government isn’t fixing them. The state government is doing ‘Badude – Badudu.’ We will do likewise with the YCP.”

Prompting the understudies, Balakrishna requested that they avoid virtual entertainment. “Youngsters have numerous choices for diversion. Yet, they ought to be away from web-based entertainment. They ought to do anything that gives them information. Hindupur has a past filled with creating IAS and IPS officials. I wish to see a lot more from now on,” said Balakrishna.

The LED TVs were supported by the Heritage bunch and Balakrishna additionally endorsed Rs 4 Lakh for his association for the school.

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