Bollywood essayist Raj Saluja attacks KGF and Pan India films

‘KGF Chapter 2’ has made colossal progress in the cinematic world this year and has positively made a unimaginable assortment across India sending quakes ejecting banters about South versus North achievement and Pan India patterns. The most recent to join this discussion is Bollywood essayist Raj Saluja who attacked the ‘KGF establishment and the developing Pan India films from the south.

While talking about the Bollywood film ‘Om’ where Raj Saluja filled in as an essayist of the film, feels that South movies have more strange activity scenes made than Bollywood film makes. Discussing the correlations going between the North versus South movies, Raj Saluja feels the crowd determine the destiny of the film and what to slurp up or not drink up. Refering to a model, Raj feels assuming Shah Rukh Khan was projected in ‘KGF’ individuals could not have possibly acknowledged the film in any case however the crowd is tuned in that Yash can do anything. The dish India crowd is as of now tolerating that the South entertainers can do any activity succession.
Raj accepts that a similar crowd can’t prepare persuaded or to purchase assuming that Bollywood is doing likewise stuff. Refering to another model, Raj felt John Abraham has done extraordinary activity scenes in ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and ‘Assault’ however the crowd didn’t acknowledge it yet a similar crowd promptly acknowledges Ram Charan, Jr NTR and Yash doing out of the world activity scenes.

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