Did Nayan give this extreme gift to Vignesh Shivan on their big day?

In the wake of dating for quite a long time, woman hotshot Nayanthara and chief Vignesh Shivan secured the bunch in a confidential hotel in Mahabalipuram yesterday. The couple looked superb in a custom troupe by Jade.

While numerous hotshots from the cine business graced their wedding, we hear that Nayanthara gave 30 sovereign gold to Vignesh Shivan’s sister as a gift on their big day. It doesn’t stop there, as indicated by reports, Nayanthara has purchased a cabin worth Rs 20 crores for Vignesh.

Apparently, the documentation work for this lodge has been finished. As per reports, this cottage is enlisted in Vignesh’s name. Nayanthara has additionally gifted 30 bits of sovereign gold adornments to Vignesh’s sister Aishwarya. The entertainer likewise gifted a great deal of excessive things to her direct relations.

Vignesh likewise investigated every possibility to make this day exceptional for Nayanthara. As per reports, Vignesh purchased all the gold Nayanthara wore during the wedding service worth Rs 2.5 to 3 crore. Aside from this, Vignesh likewise gifted Nayanthara a jewel ring worth Rs 5 crore. Could it be said that you are flabbergasted? we are as well!

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