Group ‘Life is Beautiful’ wraps up shoot

The producers of ‘Life is Beautiful’ have effectively wrapped up the shoot of the film. Featuring Pruthvi Ambaar, Priyanka Upendra, Lasya Nagaraj, and others, ‘Life is Beautiful’ is a windy, carefree show movie coordinated by promotion producers Arunkumar M and Sabu Aloysius.

Talking about her part in the film, Priyanka Upendra said, “I play Pruthvi Ambaar’s character’s coach in the film. I was especially attracted to the story and the novel chemistry between the two characters (hers and Ambaar’s). It’s an extremely sweet connection between an educator and her understudy and I don’t think something like this has been investigated much in Kannada film. This is the primary film I went for after a year ago’s lockdown and it was a little however exceptionally proficient group. I altogether appreciated working with every one of them”.

The movie will stamp chief Lohith H’s introduction as a maker. Lohith made his first time at the helm with the 2016 loathsomeness thrill ride ‘Mummy’ close by Priyanka Upendra and the team would return to work together again in 2018 for one more thrill ride ‘Devaki’.

“I’m extremely attached to Lohith and his team. Thus, when he moved toward me for the job, I said yes immediately due to the job and my relationship with him. He got Arun and Sabu, who are promotion producers from Kerala, to coordinate the film and the two have made an exceptional showing with the look and feel of the film – you can tell the unmistakable distinction in quality. Besides, I was permitted to assume the part in my own specific manner – directly from the appearance of the character to how I needed to depict it, I was given full opportunity by the folks. I play a Christian educator for the absolute first time in my profession,” says Priyanka Upendra who is especially anticipating the arrival of the film.

‘Life is Beautiful’s center group incorporates Gautam as the cinematographer and Nobin Paul as the music writer with well known choreographer Imran Sardhariya going ahead board for one explicit number. The group is as of now put resources into the after creation obligations and is required to accept an approach the delivery in a brief time. More updates to follow soon.

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