Here is the story behind Smash Charan and Samantha’s lip-lock scene from ‘Rangasthalam’

It is realized that ‘Rangasthalam’ is one of the achievement films in Smash Charan’s profession. Chief Sukumar too added another superhit amazingly. Slam Charan and Samantha’s science from the film was likewise generally welcomed by the crowd, significantly the lip-lock scene between the two. The kissing scene was the most discussed subject during the film’s delivery. Nonetheless, there is by all accounts a real issue behind this scene in the film.

Allegedly, when chief Sukumar portrayed the content to Slam Charan, the kissing scene went poorly with the entertainer and they had a major conversation to overlook the scene from the film. The concurred chief began recording the film however allegedly proposed it back to the entertainer who was as yet not in concurrence with the chief and obviously said that he would not like to do this scene. Charan wasn’t enthusiastic about doing it, as it may not work out in a good way for his better half Upasana Kamineni. Appropriately, Sukumar too had nearly dropped the thought.

When the film picturization was finished, the chief moved toward the entertainer again with a novel plan to film the lip-lock scene. He disclosed to him that he doesn’t need to kiss the courageous woman, and he simply needs to sanction by going near her and guaranteed that the group will swindle it in the illustrations in After creation. With this, the entertainer has allegedly concurred and prepared for something similar, and when the shoot began the entertainer had apparently wound up kissing him.

That is the means by which the scene came into light apparently said the chief. The chief has additionally apparently said, that the scene was exceptionally helpful in understanding the profundity of adoration between the lead characters in the film without which he was unable to have done equity to their science in the film.

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