I had some good times playing myself in Govinda: Bhavana

In the event that there’s one thing we can anticipate about Govinda delivering this week, it is this – entertainer Bhavana will paper her job easily as she is playing herself.

“This is a totally different job as I get to play myself in this film. It is a sort of an appearance, in one of the two tracks that runs in the film. There are two storylines that converge, one highlighting Sumanth and Kavitha and the other including Roopesh and me. My job is that of a set up entertainer, attracted to a content by another producer. The connections between the two structures the greater part of my storyline, where there is likewise a trace of sentiment. I had a good time playing myself on the set. This provided me with a ton of extension for act of spontaneity. I’d played an entertainer quite a while in the past in a Malayalam film. This time around, it was unique and I can hardly wait to perceive how individuals will react,” she shares.

Govinda is Bhavana’s next discharge after Bhajarangi 2. The film additionally has Sumanth Shailendra Babu, Kavitha Gowda and Roopesh Shetty.

The entertainer says that she has chosen to move slowly and do just those movies that constrain her as an entertainer. “I’ve arrived at a period of my life where I’m hitched, settled and have different obligations as well. I would rather not approve of everything like previously. I started right on time, at age 15. I need to take it gradually now and do films that challenge me as an entertainer and have sufficient substance. I will endure it and do just such jobs,” says Bhavana.

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