I love you! Return: Meghana Raj asks Chiranjeevi Sarja

Last June saw the untimely passing of Sandalwood’s young star Chiranjeevi Sarja. He was survived by his pregnant wife Meghana Raj Sarja, who is right now bringing up their child, who as of late turned a half year old. Meghana, however, has still been vocal on her social media pages about how she misses her significant other and offers it through her own posts as well as by various fan expressions, images and memories of Chiranjeevi.

On Thursday evening, Meghana took to her page to share a memory of her late spouse and herself before the Eiffel Pinnacle in Paris, as she shared the amount she loves him and misses him even how. In a short, sweet and heartbreaking caption, Meghana stated, “I love you! Return.” This had every one of her fans and supporters sharing their love to her.

Aside from the fans, a large number of the entertainer’s dearest companions from the industry, including Pannaga Bharana and Ragini Chandran, gave their love to Meghana, by commenting on that post.

Meghana has said how she misses Chiru, who was a big pillar of help in her life, and has guaranteed his quality is felt in all manners as she brings their child up. She had earlier disclosed to Bangalore Times how she needs him to have similar ethics and qualities as Chiru. She had additionally mentioned how she sings melody of Chiru’s films as lullabies for their child.

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