Janmashtami 2022: Remembering Krishnas of Sandalwood

One of the most well known and broadly worshipped lord of the Hindu religion, Shri Krishna is in many cases celebrated as a no-show kid, an underhanded young person, a political specialist, a champion, plan behind Mahabharata and the example of Bhagavad Gita. On the event of Janmashtami, we glance back at a portion of the entertainers who played the fanciful person on cinema and won the hearts of millions with their extremely persuading execution.

Dr Rajkumar in Shri Krishna Rukmini Sathyabhama (1971)

Sandalwood is creeping towards 90 years and we are yet to find another entertainer who can expert the job of Shri Krishna like Dr Rajkumar! In the 1971 film, Dr Rajkumar assumed the part of wicked Krishna, an ideal spouse, who is stuck between two wives – Rukmini and Sathyabama, played by B Saroja Devi and Bharati separately. Dr Rajkumar’s beauty, balance, his capacity to wear a few caps, very much like Shri Krishna, makes him the ideal contender to assume the part. His depiction of Shri Krishna is deified in Kannadigas’ souls.

Srinath in Devara Duddu (1976)

What happens when you disregard to return ‘God’s advance’? Indeed, He will ensure that you get familiar with the example the most difficult way possible. Devara Duddu has veteran entertainers Rajesh and Jayanti playing the lead jobs and Srinath assuming the part of Shri Krishna who loans cash to Rajesh. A decent mix of reflection subject set in present day India, Srinath is a disclosure as this legendary person.

Ramakrishna in Babruvahana (1977)

It’s difficult to shout for consideration when you are imparting the screen to a legend like Dr Rajkumar. The battle is twofold, particularly when you have two Rajkumars in the film! However, Ramakrishna, in the film Babruvahana, which has Dr Rajkumar playing both Arjuna and Babruvahana, figured out how to quietly get the notice as an ideal political planner that Shri Krishna is. He evoked dedication while at the same time acquiring appreciation for his acting abilities.

Sudeep in Mukunda Murari (2016)

Who better than Sudeep to play the cutting edge Shri Krishna while making it look all sleek? The entertainer looked heavenly in an all-white look and nailed the job with his Shri Krishna-like quirks. Post this film, individuals gave Sudeep as much love as they accomplished for the legendary ‘Chakra’- using Shri Krishna.

Ravichandran in Kurukshetra (2018)

Ravichandran is one of those interesting entertainers of this age who had an opportunity to play the real fanciful person. With the decrease in the quantity of legendary movies, it is to be sure an uncommon accomplishment and Ravi figured out how to dazzle the crowd with his magnetism. Ravi was the famous playboy of the 80s and 90s, which settles on him an optimal decision for the job of Shri Krishna, even after many years.

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