Kalidas Jayaram heads to Maldives for an excursion

Kalidas Jayaram is the furthest down the line superstar to go to Maldives for an excursion. The Tamil-Malayalam entertainer have been posting recordings from his drive around in pale blue green waters, which gave a clue that he was in the heaven island. Furthermore, as of late, he has been posting pictures from the pool, recordings giving a perspective on the property in which he is remaining, going in an ocean plane and scuba plunging, among others.

He even put an image in the pool sitting above the ocean and inscribed it saying, ‘Keep up the hole’. Expert young lady Malavika Mohanan quickly leaped to his remark segment to say that the flights have been dropped. She said, “Maldives has prohibited Indian explorers. Return now.” Kalidas immediately reacted saying that those are departures from India and not to India.

He additionally posted pictures of wearing a charcoal cover and added that for what reason should young ladies have a great time. “Please, self-care is for everybody.” Numerous superstars and fans remarked on this post also. It would appear that the entertainer is celebrating the good life in Maldives. Kalidas by and by has a Malayalam film and is additionally important for a collection.

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