Kannada entertainer Dwarakish’s Beloved Wife Ambuja dies

Entertainer Dwarakish spouse Ambuja, who was experiencing mature age related sickness, inhaled her last at her home today in Bengaluru. She was 80. She will be let go today in Bengaluru. She gives up five children. The Sandalwood crew, loved ones have grieved the passing of Ambuja.

Ambuja turned 80 in January. Her birthday was commended at a sanctuary in Bengaluru by planting saplings. Ambuja is one of the two spouses of Dwarakish. He got hitched for the second time by looking for authorization from Ambuja.

Dwarakish had opened about how Ambuja had concurred briefly marriage when he had crossed 50 years old in the talk show End of the week with Ramesh, facilitated by Ramesh Aravind. He had even said that he is living joyfully with two spouses.

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