My Shravan has left me, says Nadeem Saifi

Throughout the previous few days, veteran music author, Shravan Rathod of the well known Nadeem-Shravan pair had been hospitalized subsequent to testing positive for Coronavirus. He was conceded to an emergency clinic in Mahim, Mumbai, after certain entanglements for his situation. The writer died late this evening at around 9.30 pm. His child, artist Sanjeev Rathod and Shravan’s better half are both conceded to another clinical office in Andheri, Mumbai. Shravan’s condition, as per news reports, was supposed to be basic throughout the previous few days.

Conversing with Bombay Times, writer Nadeem Saifi, the other portion of the mainstream pair, affirmed the news, crying via telephone line. He said, “My Shanu is no more. We have seen a whole coexistence. We saw our highs, we saw our lows. We’ve grown up with one another from numerous points of view. We never lost touch and no actual distance might isolate both of us. I’m in profound agony as I say this yet my companion and my friend, my accomplice of such countless years is no more. It has left such a vacuum. I addressed his child who was sad. We had been in address a customary reason throughout the previous a few days when Shravan whined of chronic sickness and must be moved to an emergency clinic. Shravan’s significant other and child are additionally unwell are as yet in the emergency clinic. I’m feeling vulnerable to the point that I can’t be there truly for them, to help them and bid goodbye to my companion.”

The 66-year-old author was conceded to SL Raheja medical clinic in Mahim. It’s accounted for that he had other comorbidities. Specialists had held him under perception in the ICU. He was apparently on ventilator support in his last days. There was allegedly a heart expansion. A group of doctors, cardiologists, a diabetologist and an intensivist were looking after his case. Lyricist and dear companion Sameer Anjaan had recently told ETimes, “Shravan is diabetic and with this contamination, his lungs have been completely tainted. He has additionally evolved heart issues, kindly implore God omnipotent for his expedient recuperation.”

Nadeem-Shravan had formed super-hit tunes in Bollywood films during the 1990s. From Aashiqui, Saajan, Pardes to Raja Hindustani – the team conveyed a few extraordinary collections.

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