Raghu Gowda collaborates with Television program co-hopeful Rajeev Hanu for a film

The bonhomie of two detainees of Bigg Supervisor Kannada season 8, standup comic and online media star Raghu Gowda and entertainer Rajeev Hanu, is developing past the show. Raghu and Rajeev will presently be sharing screen space in a Kannada movie Usire that is being coordinated by Vijay. Raghu says, “I met two or multiple times when we were essential for the superstar cricket competitions. However, it was in effect some portion of the unscripted TV drama that truly brought us close. We are both useful commonly and that is likely what fortified our bond. Rajeev welcomed me to meet the film’s group over espresso and that was the place where they offered me this job. The story is set in school and we play companions on screen. I figure our genuine fellowship will reflect well onscreen too.

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