Rakshit Shetty makes executive rebound with Richard Anthony

Since making his first time at the helm with Ulidavaru Kandante way back in 2014, Rakshit Shetty, has frequently been tested about getting back to filmmaking. Despite the fact that he has been occupied with acting responsibilities, Rakshit has frequently referenced that he has been chipping away at the content of his next, and presently, there’s true affirmation. On Sunday, Rakshit reported that he will act in and direct Richard Anthony – Ruler Of The Ocean.

“At the point when I was making Ulidavaru Kandante, I didn’t have a thought that there would be a prequel or continuation of it. One thing that individuals advised me, however, was that they needed to find out about its focal person, Richie. I know there are numerous unanswered inquiries in Ulidavaru Kandante. This film will be more straight in its story and can be named as both a prequel and spin-off of sorts. The universe some way or another made my next executive endeavor about Richie,” says Rakshit regarding this film that is scheduled to take off in January. It will likewise have returning characters from the previous film, he adds.

“I had gone to Goa to compose this story. I realize individuals have been hanging tight for me to report my next executive task. As I started composing, I started to envision it and the whole interaction invigorated me. I have completed the content, however I plan on doing a couple more drafts. In the interim, I additionally have Sapta Sagaradaache Ello to complete, yet I have the opportunity to finish those drafts and get everything set up before we start recording in January,” he adds. The film will have a portion of his typical specialized group, including Karm Chawla, B Ajaneesh Loknath, Vikram Mor and Ullas Hydoor.

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