Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa costars Alpana Buch and Nidhi Shah test positive for Coronavirus

After Rupali Ganguly, Aashish Mehrotra, Sudhanshu Pandey and Tassnim Sheik, Anupamaa entertainers Alpana Buch and Nidhi Shah have tried positive for the Covid. They are under home isolate.

After Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey and Tassnim Sheik, two additional stars of Anupamaa sequential, Alpana Buch and Nidhi Shah test have tried positive for Covid. While Alpana assumes the part of Baa, Nidhi depicts the personality of Kinjal. Both the entertainers shared this news on their online media handles. While Alpana stated, “Since youth our folks. Instructors. Gurus.everyone instruct us to be positive in life.Today I hv at long last become positive. I m playing it safe n prescriptions. Home qurentine. It’s my social obligation to infrom. Kindly don’t call..or .message..only ur wishes n supplications required.” Nidhi shared a note on her Insta-anecdote about being tried positive and advising that she is under isolate.

Maker of the show, Rajan Shahi, shared an authority explanation after both the entertainers tried positive, which peruses, “Entertainers Alpana Buch and Nidhi Shah who are an indispensable piece of the Program Anupamaa have tried positive for Coronavirus. When the manifestations were distinguished, the two entertainers got clinical assistance and have isolated themselves. Promptly immediately the whole cast and group were detached and tried. The BMC is educated and the sets will be treated and sanitized according to the convention. We are continually in contact with the whole group as their wellbeing is our need. We remain by our obligation to wellbeing and will keep on guaranteeing that all actions endorsed by the specialists are being clung to.”

Tassnim Sheik, who tried positive on Friday, shared the news on her Instagram, where she stated, “This is to illuminate everyone that I have tried Coronavirus a few days ago.However I m going to be battling it with all my will and I’m certain I will come out as a more grounded individual with this experience. Mentioning each and every individual who has interacted with me for the most recent few days to get themselves tried and isolate themselves. Keep me in your petitions.”

Aside from Anupamaa, shows like Wagle Ki Duniya, Indian Icon 12, Dance Deewane 3 and others got influenced because of the second influx of Covid.

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