Slowing down Film Shootings? Organization To Meet Council

In the event that hypotheses are anything to go by, the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) has purportedly chosen to slow down the film shootings from August first. The Guild held a gathering today at Annapurna Studios 7 sections of land whose subtleties are not uncovered formally. According to the media reports, greater part of the dynamic makers in the Guild purportedly decided in favor of suspending the film shoots. Nonetheless, this isn’t conclusive. While, Producers Council isn’t supportive of the slowing down of the film shootings.

The Guild makers will meet the Telugu Film Producers Council tomorrow and going to introduce their proposals and choices before every one of the areas of the Producers Council. The Council will examine the issue and accept a last call. Industry insiders say that it isn’t so natural to stop the film shootings since this move will summon fights from the makers whose movies are right now in the shooting stage.

Numerous makers in the Guild raised serious worries on a few issues that are influencing the makers. Since these issues can’t be tackled right away and would take at some point prior to showing up at arrangement, larger part makers in the Guild maintain that the film’s shootings should be slowed down till these issues are settled forever.

It tends to be noticed that the Producers Council has previously gathered a board of trustees to investigate the issues and issues looking by the Telugu film makers. This council’s choice will be conclusive.

OTT Rule

As indicated by the Guild, makers will not stream their movies on OTT stage till 10 weeks from the film’s dramatic delivery. This is pertinent for huge and enormous financial plan films. For films with medium spending plan, makers are permitted to stream their motion pictures on OTT following a month of dramatic delivery. For films under financial plan of Rs 6 Crore, they will talk about with the Federation and stream the film on OTT.


The virtual print charge (VPF) will must be borne by the film’s exhibitors. Makers won’t pay the VPFs. The move might serious areas of strength for acquire from the Exhibitors area in the Producers Council.

Ticket Prices

The Producers Council will examine on ticket costs and will attempt to fix the ticket costs. Accordingly it needs to end the disarray encompassing the ticket rates.

Contenders Union, Federation Issues

The Producers Council to talk about and conclude on the continuous issues of warriors association, league issues, directors, compensations of character artistes and different issues.

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