Sonu Sood sends alleviation bundles to flood-influenced locales of Maharashtra

Bollywood entertainer Sonu Sood, who has been engaged with various Coronavirus aid projects since last year, as of late stretched out help to individuals who are stuck in the flood-influenced locales of Maharashtra.

The floods have unleashed destruction in a few locale of Maharashtra and the entertainer is assisting individuals who have stuck in the inside areas without essential necessities. Sonu is chipping away at sending over help bundles to places like Chiplun, Mahad and numerous other inside locales.

Discussing something very similar, Sonu said, “These towns have been seriously influenced by the floods, and they are each of the 20-30 kilometers from the major parkways. In this manner the alleviation materials have not reached there.”

He added, “We have effectively addressed the sarpanches of these towns. Essential necessities like containers, tumblers, utensils, mats, garments and even food materials – all are being sent. My group will be there to offer it to the families by and by. A few trucks will arrive at tomorrow and a couple more should arrive at a day after the fact.”

A great deal of help material has effectively arrived at the spots close by to the parkways, however the inside towns are as yet denied of getting the appropriate necessities. Sonu and his group are making an honest effort to arrive at these inside towns. Kshetrapal, Rudrani, Dondashi, and numerous others towns will get help material from them.

In excess of 1000 houses in the whole district will get served these help materials and the second truck with the alleviation materials will arrive at the towns in almost four days.

The entertainer has been attempting to assist however many individuals as could be allowed in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic with his charitable works. From conveying oxygen chambers to assisting the poor with standing out enough to be noticed to setting up oxygen plants – Sonu has been doing everything.

Sonu had accepted his first portion of the Coronavirus immunization at Apollo Clinic, in Punjab on April 7. Alongside getting immunized against the disease, the entertainer had additionally dispatched ‘Sanjeevani – A Fix of Life’, a drive to urge individuals to get immunized against the novel Covid and for bringing issues to light about the vaccination drive in the country.

Independently, on the film front, Sonu will include in Chiranjeevi-starrer forthcoming Telugu film ‘Acharya’. He likewise has ‘Prithviraj’, co-featuring Akshay Kumar, ready to go.

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