Thalapathy 66: Shooting spot photographs of Vijay and Rashmika is a welcome sight!

Thalapathy Vijay has held hands with Vamshi Padipally interestingly. Since the film was reported it has been getting a lot of consideration from the fans and media. Presently a few pictures from the Hyderabad plan have released on the web and it is a view.

Rashmika was wearing a botanical scaled down dress and practicing her discoursed while Vijay should be visible brandishing an easygoing thoroughly search in blue. A couple of significant successions were shot before in the principal timetable and presently, the group has equipped to finish the significant piece of the film in the Hyderabad plan.

The Sultan entertainer as of late uncovered that the person she plays in ‘Thalapathy 66’ is wild and unyielding, and she is somebody who defends herself and is steady and defensive of her nearby ones. Rashmika has likewise affirmed that ‘Thalapathy 66’ will be the film that fulfills family crowds.

Thalapathy 66’s most memorable look is nearly affirmed to deliver on Vijay’s birthday on June 22nd, and the entertainer has purportedly gone through a photoshoot as of late. Notwithstanding, fans have been trusting that the authority declaration will illuminate their festivals.

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