The principal look of Arulnithi 15 will be out on July 21

The primary look of Arulnithi 15, which is coordinated by well known YouTuber Vijay Kumar Rajendran (of Eruma Saani acclaim), and created by cinematographer Aravinnd Singh for MNM Movies, will be out on July 21. Fascinating that B. Sakthivelan of Sakthi Film Processing plant has obtained the total outrights of a film interestingly.

Chief Vijay Kumar Rajendran says, “Whenever I got a chance to make my first time at the helm with this film, I unequivocally felt that it’s difficult demonstrating my possibilities, however setting a benchmark of motivation for other YouTubers, who are eager on leaving on their executive excursion in the business. What’s more, presently, to have a presumed brand like Sakthi Film Manufacturing plant perceiving the venture and taking forward it to a greater delivery has blessed me with sheer satisfaction. This film will be extraordinary for all crowds, particularly young people as the story is set against the school backgrounds. We are arranging up for a more extensive stretch of advancements for this film and will begin them soon.”

Maker Aravinnd Singh, MNM Movies says, ” I say thanks to Arulnithi for his wonderful endeavors in guaranteeing that the film goes to be an astounding accomplishment of achievement for everybody in the group.” B. Sakthivelan, Sakthi Film Processing plant, says, “Arulnithi has reliably demonstrated his prosperity by being a piece of motion pictures dependent on special substance and family performers. Altogether, the achievement of his past discharge Kalathil Sandhipoam has heightened his chart in the business. I ended up watching the film through a typical companion’s reference. In all honesty, I had no idea about how the film will be. Notwithstanding, I got delighted watching it and emphatically felt it possesses the possibilities to command the notice of a wide range of crowds. Furthermore, the phenomenal presentation of Arulnithi has strengthened the reason of the story, and he will land upon a greater group of fame after this film discharge. Before long the show, I was curious towards getting the total privileges of the film. The word ‘Gladly Presents’ is a typical term utilized in numerous motion pictures, however it’s sincerely significant with this undertaking as I’m certain that it will be a great encounter for the crowd in theaters. We are glad to divulge the main, look on July 21, 2021.”

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