Vanitha Vijayakumar’s emotional message to her son Vijay Sri Hari on his special day

Vanitha later wedded Anand Jayarajan in 2007 and have a girl Jonitha yet she additionally separated from him in 2012. Presently while little girls Jovika and Jonitha live with their mom, Vijay Sri Hari decided to live with his dad Akash and has since been alienated from his mom Vanitha.

Vanitha in many meetings has shared that she cherishes her child definitely and is hanging tight for the day he will understand her adoration and rejoin with her. Once more vijay Sri Hari turned 21 and Vanitha has presented a close to home message on him. She stated “To my first and everlastingly love…love should be unrestricted and a mother’s adoration for her youngsters is the puresh type of love…Its my 21st birthday as a mother today…happy birthday to my attractive and solid willed most capable son…you will constantly remain my laddoo…god favor you with all you dream for”.

Vijay Sri Hari has finished his investigations abroad and reports propose that he will continue in the strides of his granddad Vijayakumar, grandma the late Manjula Vijayakumar, mother Vanitha, aunties Preetha and Sreedevi and uncle Arun Vijay and will make an introduction to the Tamil entertainment world as legend soon.

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