Vasishta N Simha is essential for MP Jayaraj biopic

Sandalwood fans have cherished the kinship shared by Daali and Chitte in the film Tagaru and have been trusting that Dhananjaya and Vasishta N Simha rejoin on screen once more. The two entertainers share a similarly decent bond off screen as well and they will at long last be seen together in Head Hedge, the MP Jayaraj biopic being frontlined by Dhananjaya and coordinated by Shoonya.

Affirming the news, Vasishta advises us, “I had the appropriate motivations to be a piece of this film, directly from the cast and group, just as the group behind it. Individuals have needed the Daali and Chitte mix on screen again and this was the right content in that sense. This was the reason I promptly consented to be a piece of this film.”

Clearly, Vasishta has as of now went for a bit of his bits in this film, we hear from sources. The film, which is being directed by Agni Sridhar, is scheduled to be made for an enormous scope and is promoted to deliver in various parts. The film group is taking a gander at a major gathering cast. The group had as of late declared that Payal Rajput is the main woman, while Free Maada Yogi is additionally assuming a vital part in the film.

Considering that the keep going film on the hidden world that had this scenery was KM Chaitanya’s Aa Dinagalu, which was likewise founded on Agni Sridhar’s compositions, there are a great deal of assumptions from this film.

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