Vijay Sethupathi turns enthusiastic talking about SP Jhananathan at Laabam press meet

At a new press meet to advance his impending movie Laabam, which is delivering in auditoriums on September 9, Vijay Sethupathi turned enthusiastic while discussing the movie’s chief, the late SP Jhananathan.

The entertainer said that he felt like a miscreant for not having invested more energy with the late chief. “I wish I had invested more energy with chief SP Jhananathan. I didn’t realize that time was such a revile. Had I known, I would have invested more energy with the late chief,” he said.

Portraying the profound bond that they shared, Vijay Sethupathi said, “Chief SP Jhananathan and I had incredible arrangement and love for each other. It was something like a dad child relationship. You don’t understand its importance when the individual is there. In the event that you have somebody you value, please express your reverence and love for them.”

The entertainer likewise clarified that the total credit for a particularly provocative movie should go to the late chief. “In the event that this film has come out well, the credit for it should all go to the late SP Jananathan sir.”

The entertainer proceeded to say that the chief accepted that film was not simply diversion and that it was significantly more than that. “He used to say that film makes individuals think and change. We run over such countless occasions in which individuals have said, “This scene transformed me or this scene made me think.” Art drives individuals to think and change. In this manner, he thought it wasn’t right to call film as amusement,” Vijay Sethupathi reviewed.

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