Vishal and Arya’s ‘Enemy’ last timetable to start soon

Vishal and Arya have turned adversaries for the activity thrill ride ‘Enemy’, which is coordinated by Anand Shankar. The most recent reports recommend that Vishal and Arya’s ‘Enemy’ last timetable will start soon. The group finished shooting its Dubai plan for April, and the group will start the last timetable soon. The group clearly has seven days’ timetable left, and furthermore has a tune left to be shot during this timetable.

Vishal is as of now going for ‘Vishal 31’, which is coordinated by Thu Dad Saravanan, and he will go for ‘Enemy’ parallelly in Hyderabad. ‘Vishal 31’ shooting is in progress in Hyderabad on a solitary stretch, and the film is intended to be finished toward the finish of July. The two movies are required to be finished in the following not many months, and there will be consecutive deliveries for Vishal this year.

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