Will Smith to deliver memoir in November

Hollywood star Will Smith has reported that his first memoir, named ‘Will’, is set to hit the racks on November 9. The book, which Smith has co-composed with Imprint Manson, will be distributed by Penguin Press, an engraving of Penguin Arbitrary House.

Smith shared the cover workmanship and delivery date of his memoir by means of video declaration on Instagram and the book’s site.

The entertainer uncovered that he has been dealing with the book for as long as two years.

“It’s anything but a work of adoration,” Smith said in the video.

According to an official statement shared on the site, “the memoir is simply the result of a significant excursion of self-information, a retribution with all that your will can get you and all that it can abandon.” It follows Smith’s expectation to learn and adapt to where external achievement, internal satisfaction, and human association are adjusted.

The cover craft of the book has been made by New Orleans-based visual craftsman Brandan ‘BMike’ Odums.

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